Black Bamboo Whitening Toothpaste

Black Bamboo Whitening Toothpaste

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Only a month! Also you as a baby - like white teeth !
Stand the test of time - dare let you witness the fact !
Brand : Dr. Lee
Name:Glister toothpaste active charcoal
Net weight : 100g
Active ingredients:Charcoal C reactive ion , holly AB hormone, a variety of plant glycosides, natural pearls calciumEtc.
Shelf life: three years ( see pipe production batch tail )
The main roles: efficient removal of tooth stains, eliminate bad breath, bleeding gums, mouth ulcers , sore teeth , dental caries .
Used with charcoal toothbrush , the better
Safe and efficient: Natural bamboo extract powder ingredients effectively clean teeth without injury enamel without adding any pigment .
Teeth Whitening: Containing a surfactant , plant glycosides and prepare long charcoal ,
Can effectively remove various stains tooth surface , strong teeth better.
Double effect moth: Holly glycosides A, B hormone not only remove harmful bacteria in the mouth ,
More can kill harmful protozoa such oral bio - gums Nei AmiPakistan , reduce harmful bacteria to breed again.
Disease prevention Guchi :Natural plant ingredients, mouth ulcers, sore gums , periodontitis,
Bleeding gums, bad breath, tooth decay and other aspects of prevention and improvementEffect.
Protect the gums :Nutritional supplement gums to prevent gum recession , so more fresh and healthy mouth .
Fresh breath :Make oral lasting fresh , reproduction confident smile touching
Glister toothpaste active charcoal Features